Lost and Found

From:         ace <ace@xs4all.nl>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre
Subject:      Lost and found
Date:         Sat, 1 Feb 1997 14:41:23 +0100
Message-Id:   <5cvhe6$dn6$1@news1.xs4all.nl>

I know you miss him.  I can tell from the way you talk about him that
you do.  And I knew how much you loved him, how good things were, and
how much it hurt you when it stopped.  I know you almost died when he
left you, for good, when I made him leave.

You must hate me for that -- I know your children do.  They were there
when you had to survive on your own, when you fought your way through
hell.  I cannot blame them for calling you a fool for seeing me again --
really it was I who broke your heart.  Not him.

I just cannot tell you how sorry I am about that, about everything, even
if you tell me that you understand.  I wish it had not been the only
possible thing to do.

Still, I do love you, you know that, and you know that it surprised me
too.  I love you like crazy, like a strong river that disappears under
the earth, without a trace, you think it is gone, but it isn't.  It is
there, waiting for a chance to come out again.  Here it is, love,
stronger than ever, it was never gone.

And I can see that your love hasn't died either, however much you try to
sit on the well and try to hide it for me, make it go away.  It seeps
through, you show it to me sometimes, you laugh and the sunlight turns
the waterdrops into crystal, you touch your hair and casually brush the
dew from your eyebrows.  I cannot see that and then leave.

You can have me, wrapped up in giftwrapping, all yours.
I am just not him anymore, love.  I am a woman now.

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