skin deep

Subject:      skin deep
From:         ace <>
Date:         Date: 5 Aug 1997 12:29:58 GMT
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You see this street?  It is ancient.  Really.  Some of this stuff has
been here for centuries, or even longer.  You know that?  Yeah, I
suppose you know, you just don't realize.  These cities grow on you, and
you start thinking they are just as natural as the sun coming up in the
east and the moon shining at night.  You think this asphalt is the
ground, you think you see the face of the earth.  It isn't: the real
face is being smothered underneath.  Asphalt - asphyxation, it even
sounds alike. 

You think these walls are brick walls, and you cannot walk through them. 
You can.  If you wait long enough, you'll see them crumble down. 
They'll erode, they'll break, and they'll become the rocky remains on
which life can resume living.  You think these traffic poles are anchored
into the ground, not threatened by anyone, anything.  You think those
traffic jams are a barrier, you think those clocks rule you.  You think
those dams guarantee safety, you think those roofs will shelter you.

You think those flowers are free, those flowers that you captivated,
that you keep from flying away, walking out on you.  You think those
trees are old.  You think the park is your link to nature.  You think at
least the sky offers you freedom. 

If we just start digging now.  If we just start scratching away the
cement, and carry away the stones.  If we move away the cars, turn off
the trams and buses.  If we let the people leave, wiping out their
traces. If we just do it calmly, steadily -- wouldn't we make it? 

Before the city thinks it owns this place, I mean?

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