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Hi! You are now at ace's. My original index.html somehow mysteriously got lost (okay, okay, I did something stupid), so now you'll have to live with this. It's not much, but then again, think of all the time you are saving. Now there's a thought, isn't there?

To business. You're here to find out more about moi, I suppose. Well, you're not going to find much here -- if that's what you're after, subscribe to nl.eeuwig.zonde, nl.newsgroups, and nl.kunst.literatuur (preferably not using Netscape as your "newsbrowser", *ugh*) or read the little selection of opinions that I have included a link to, --, but there are some tidbits that you might find interesting. Here's the list of links:

First of all, a newcomer: Anne-Maries Bloemlezing. I am hosting it here, as its German host would no longer have it.

In Dutch:
The nl.eeuwig.september anthology * Some books, mentioned in nl.kunst.literatuur * A discussion from nl.taal about "Hebban olla vogala", the oldest Dutch text known * Some rants about various stuff * Postings about cats (using stylesheets!)

In English:
A bunch of X-Faces * The Fishman Affadavit * An overview of GNKSA evaluations * A beautiful rant (not by me) * My contributions to talk.bizarre

Oh, and here are my most recent PGP keys (query with keyserver.pgp.com).

That's all for the moment. I will elaborate on this, but right now, I just have to procrastinate.

Thu Mar 1 14:01:53 CET 2001, ace <ace@xs4all.nl>

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